When to Repair Scratches or Repaint Your Car


Scratches are very normal despite people claiming to be careful drivers. So, if you notice a minor scratch on your car, you should get it fixed immediately. On the other hand, there are different types of blemishes, including paint scratches. When a paint scratch is so severe, one can see the metal sheet under the layers. As a result, one should get the scratch repaired.

Most times, minor and light scratches do not require the attention of a body shop. Instead, one can repair them on their own. Here is how you can fix a minor scratch on your own. 

Scratch Repair Kits

You can purchase a scratch repair kit at an auto body shop, either online or physically. The kit contains scratch repair polish, pastes, touch-up paint, and buffers. During the repair process, one has to start by cleaning the area with soap and water using a microfiber cloth. This cleaning removes any remains that may cause further scratching. 

Next, apply the scratch removal paste to a microfiber cloth or the kit’s buffers. More so, using the removal paste should not happen directly to the scratch. 

In the end, remove any extra polish with a clean cloth and touch up the paint as needed with the paint in your repair kit.

The Difficulty of Paint Matching

There are higher chances that the paint may not be an exact match to the color and finish of your vehicle. If the scratch is large enough, a mismatched paint job will be just as noticeable as the scratch itself. Therefore, please take your car to a competent repair shop for professional painting.


Your car’s exterior is as important as your car’s interior. Therefore, if your vehicle sustains a scratch, be it a minor or a major one, you should have it repaired immediately.