Importance of Car Paint Finish


When the paint of your car gets dinged or scratched, you want to move quickly and set up a paint repair appointment. Today, there are many auto body repair shops that will repair damage on the paint finish of your car conveniently and efficiently. But, car paint finish is not just about aesthetics. There are other reasons why you should have the damage on your car paint finish fixed as soon as possible.

Here are some of the reasons why car paint finish is very important:

Structural Problems

Your car paint finish is designed in a way that enables it to prevent unwanted structural problems. The components of the body of your car are made of steel. Steel weakens over time. But when these components are sealed with paint, they remain strong longer. This ensures that your vehicle is safe for driving longer.

Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion and rust are the major enemies of a car owner. Damage to the paint of a car can lead to rusting from beneath the paint job’s surface. Rust can spread and eat away your car’s steel structure. To prevent corrosion, make sure that scratches on the paint finish are repaired the moment they occur.

Enhanced Resale Value

A car with a properly maintained paint finish has a higher resale value. Most buyers are reluctant to make offers for cars with dented, dinged, and scratched paint finish. Since you want to get the best deal when selling or trading in your car in the future, maintain its paint finish in good condition.

Modern auto body shops provide repairs for car paint finish with an aim of maintaining their original looks. In fact, some cars look brand new when leaving some of these auto body shops. As such, you can maintain the paint finish of your vehicle by having damages repaired by experts the moment they occur.

How to Maintain the Like-New Look of the Body of Your Car


Maintaining the like-new look of the body of your vehicle enhances the overall driving experience while enhancing its resale value. When a car is maintained properly, servicing and repairing it costs less over time. However, you don’t need a huge budget to maintain the like new look of the body of your vehicle. Here are tips to help you maintain the like-new look of your car.

Give its Paint a Touchup

You car will inevitably get scratches that will be difficult to polish away. However, these scratches can be fixed with paint touchup. What’s more, if you neglect your car for some time, you may need a paint retouch to restore its shine. When you take your vehicle to a reputable auto body shop, it will get a paint touchup that will leave it looking like new.

Wax and Polish Your Car

Waxing and polishing a car gives it the new look it had when leaving the showroom. However, waxing and polishing should be done correctly to yield the desired results. Polishing helps in removing small damages that ruin the look of the top coat of the car’s paint. Such damage is caused by swirl marks and bird poop. It gives the vehicle the extra gloss sheen.

Waxing is like adding a sunscreen on the surface of your vehicle. It provides a protective layer that prevents debris damage on the paint and fading. It also enables your car to maintain its glossy finish.

Wash Your Car properly

Washing a vehicle is more than rinsing and soaping it. For your vehicle to maintain a sleek look, don’t use big brushes and detergents to wash it.

Additionally, choose the chemicals for cleaning your car carefully. Read their labels to understand their purposes. What’s more, use the right microfiber clothes to clean the paint, wheels and windows. Dry the car after rinsing it with cleaning mitts and towels. Avoid household detergents and dishwashing soaps because they can strip wax away and damage the paint.

What’s more, pay attention to plastic trims, rubber and tires. Use products that protect them from fading and cracking. Additionally, restore the transparency of the headlights using the right lens-polishing agents and buffing items that come with the kit for headlight lens restorer.

If you notice a problem that you can’t fix on your own, take your car to a reputable auto body shop for assistance.

Collision Repair Estimates Guide


Getting collision repair estimates that suit your budget after an accident can seem overwhelming especially if this is your first time. However, the process should not intimidate you. Bear in mind the fact that as long as you are not an expert like Gabriel of Auto Masters Collision Center, thats deep in the collision repair sector, you may not know everything there is to know.

What’s more, don’t forget that you have the right to choose the collision repair shop to take your vehicle to. Even your auto insurance provider should not force you to choose a specific shop if you don’t like it. Nevertheless, getting several collision repair estimates helps. Here are useful guidelines to help you find the best collision repair estimates.

Investigate and Ask Questions

Don’t fear asking questions whenever you speak to a representative of a collision repair shop. A great collision shop will explain to you what it does with ease. It will also explain what you will be paying for when you take your vehicle for collision repair there. Giving you an estimate can take time. However, the estimate should have a breakdown of the repairs to be done including the prices of labor and parts.

Don’t Just Focus on the Total Cost

Labor, overhead, and parts’ costs vary among collision repair shops. However, better parts and better repairs are not necessarily the most costly. If you notice a shop in an area that charges a lower cost than the other, find out why. There are times when some shops use different parts and the chosen parts have an impact on the cost of collision repair just like the labor charges and location. A collision repair shop that uses OEM parts and repair guidelines will comfortably answer questions that you may have regarding its repairs.

Trust Experts

There are useful tools online that you can use to get advice on collision repair estimates. However, there are repair procedures for specific models and makes created by their manufacturers. It’s only by following these procedures that you can get correct repairs. An ideal collision repair shop follows these procedures to provide estimates.

Your insurance company might also provide an estimator. However, your vehicle has to be checked to determine the most accurate estimate. Thus, estimating the cost of collision repair cannot be done remotely.

Follow these guidelines to get the best collision repair estimates after an accident.

Effect of an Appraisal Clause on Auto Body Repair


An appraisal clause refers to a paragraph in an insurance policy that states that if the auto body shop and the insurance company fail to agree on the repairs cost, either of the parties is allowed to ask for an appraisal.

The business of insurance companies is about protecting the cars of their customers. However, they do not have similar experience and information about car repairs with the auto body shop professionals. An insurance company can misunderstand the full damage extent or the necessary repairs.

Unfortunately, an insurance company can nudge a customer towards low quality auto body repairs while trying to save money.

Requesting for an Appraisal

If your auto insurance policy has an appraisal clause, send your auto insurance company a letter requesting for an appraisal. You will receive a letter from the insurance company if it disagrees with you in terms of the amount you want it to pay.

On receiving the letter, both the auto body shop and the insurance company should find their appraisers. The appraiser of each entity will review the case objectively on the basis of collision facts and assess the damage on the car. They will also review the quality and necessity of repairs to reach a specific amount.

Both appraisers will get a third-party appraiser in case they do not reach an agreeable amount. The third party appraiser will perform an independent appraisal and decide on the amount to be paid by the insurance.

The vehicle owner pays for their appraisal and the insurance company pays for its appraisal. If the appraisers fail to agree, the third party appraiser is paid by the vehicle owner and the insurance company.

How an Auto Body Shop can Help You

It’s important that you take your vehicle for repair at an auto body shop whose professionals focus on ensuring that your vehicle is restored to its pre-crash condition. An ideal auto body shop will be upfront with both the insurance company and the vehicle owner in terms of the cost. It will also be ready for an appraisal if your insurance company attempts to shortchange you.

Therefore, take your vehicle to a reputable and professional auto body shop to ensure that the appraisal clause on your auto insurance won’t affect you negatively. Click Here

Used or new car. The question everyone is asking


Should you purchase a new or used vehicle. The new vehicles are so expensive and not everyone can afford one. But on the other hand, used vehicles aren’t reliable. What should you do? Should you purchase the more expensive vehicle or the cheaper one? With this guide and tips, you will know if you should purchase a new or used vehicle.

The new vehicle is value for money

Yes, not everyone can afford to purchase a new vehicle. But, one thing that you should know is that when you are purchasing a new vehicle, you are going to get value for money.

The vehicle is going to be brand new, and you will not have to worry about repairing the vehicle in the near future. No worries about breakdowns or being taken for a ride with a car that isn’t worth buying. But, even if you know the benefits of a new vehicle, this isn’t something that everyone can afford.

Good, secondhand vehicles are hard to find

Finding good, secondhand vehicles is hard. And, you should not be in a hurry, if you are looking for a secondhand vehicle to purchase.  There are lots of vehicles that you can purchase, but they aren’t all in a good condition. You just might buy someone else’s problem.

This is why you should be really careful when buying a secondhand car. You should wait until you find a real bargain that isn’t too expensive, but still in a good condition.

Belief the car dealer is the biggest mistake you can make

The car dealer looks honest and reliable. This is the first thing that people are saying when they bought a car that wasn’t worth it. Believing in a car dealer about the vehicle that you are looking for, you might make the biggest mistake.

Never, ever believe a car dealer. Get another person to come and look at the vehicle before you are considering purchasing the car. The car dealer is just looking for a fool that will believe everything he is saying about the vehicle to get rid of the poor-quality car.

When you can’t afford the new vehicle

When you can’t afford to pay for a new vehicle, you don’t have another choice than to purchase a secondhand car. However, you can still make sure that you are going to purchase a vehicle that is high quality that you can trust. Doing research about the vehicle, making sure that the vehicle is in good condition is essential. You don’t just want to purchase a secondhand car. You want to purchase a great bargain, but also have quality and value to the vehicle.

There are many people that are wondering if they should purchase a new or secondhand vehicle. If you can afford it, the best option is buying a new car. But, if you can’t afford a new car, you should just be careful not to purchase something that is going to cost you more money at the end of the day.

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