Basic Auto Body Repairs You Can Do At Home


After a recent post from Dent Dawg, a San Antonio Dent Repair blogger, he shares that minor auto body damage happens all the time. Bumper scrapes, door dings, and scratches are all too common. Some damage requires skills, experience, and specialized tools to fix. However, you can repair some dings, dents, and scratches at home. You need to know what to do and how to do it to achieve excellent results.  

Fixing Scratches

Fixing a simple paint scratch can seem pretty simple. However, it’s not that easy because filling in the paint scratch using touch-up paint might not do the trick. If your vehicle has a deep paint scratch that shows the underneath primer, you may have to fill it.

You may also require multiple touch-up paint coats or scratch fillers. After drying the touch-up paint, sand the surface smooth using fine sandpaper. 400-grit sandpaper is ideal for this job. Once you’ve done this, wax the body to restore the original shine of your vehicle. Work on small areas to avoid doing a lot of work.

Use the Right Paint

You will find different types of car paints matching that of your vehicle. But, you should use your vehicle’s paint code as provided in the owner’s manual. Check the code sticker under the hood or door sill. If you want to paint a large area, custom-mix the paint and then load it into the aerosol sprayer to ensure a perfect match.

Fix Dents

If your vehicle has minor dents, pop them out safely from behind. You can use a suction cup to pull out the auto dent. However, the car dent may need refilling and repainting the damaged area. And this is not difficult, but you might need specialized skills. That’s why you should probably take your car to an auto body repair shop.

Although some auto body repair work may seem easy, you can damage your vehicle trying to fix it without the help of an expert. To avoid this, take your car for auto body repair at a reputable shop.