Basic Auto Body Repairs You Can Do At Home


After a recent post from Dent Dawg, a San Antonio Dent Repair blogger, he shares that minor auto body damage happens all the time. Bumper scrapes, door dings, and scratches are all too common. Some damage requires skills, experience, and specialized tools to fix. However, you can repair some dings, dents, and scratches at home. You need to know what to do and how to do it to achieve excellent results.  

Fixing Scratches

Fixing a simple paint scratch can seem pretty simple. However, it’s not that easy because filling in the paint scratch using touch-up paint might not do the trick. If your vehicle has a deep paint scratch that shows the underneath primer, you may have to fill it.

You may also require multiple touch-up paint coats or scratch fillers. After drying the touch-up paint, sand the surface smooth using fine sandpaper. 400-grit sandpaper is ideal for this job. Once you’ve done this, wax the body to restore the original shine of your vehicle. Work on small areas to avoid doing a lot of work.

Use the Right Paint

You will find different types of car paints matching that of your vehicle. But, you should use your vehicle’s paint code as provided in the owner’s manual. Check the code sticker under the hood or door sill. If you want to paint a large area, custom-mix the paint and then load it into the aerosol sprayer to ensure a perfect match.

Fix Dents

If your vehicle has minor dents, pop them out safely from behind. You can use a suction cup to pull out the auto dent. However, the car dent may need refilling and repainting the damaged area. And this is not difficult, but you might need specialized skills. That’s why you should probably take your car to an auto body repair shop.

Although some auto body repair work may seem easy, you can damage your vehicle trying to fix it without the help of an expert. To avoid this, take your car for auto body repair at a reputable shop.

Common Repairs That Can Be Fixed at an Auto Body Shop


Car accidents happen all the time. Some people drive carelessly while others are careless drivers. That’s why even the most careful drivers visit auto body shops. To ensure that your vehicle looks and performs better after an accident, make sure that it is repaired at a professional and reputable auto body shop. Here are some of the most common repairs that can be done at an auto body shop. 

Paintless Dent Repair 

Grocery carts and flying stones are some of the things that cause dents on vehicles. Unfortunately, these dents are easy to notice. If you don’t have them removed, they will eventually cost you a lot more to repair. A professional auto body shop can remove them using the paintless dent removal technique.   

This technique does not involve sanding, painting, or the use of fillers. Experienced technicians use specialized tools to smoothen out the dents and restore the original look of a vehicle. Nevertheless, only competent and experienced technicians should perform paintless dent removal to ensure excellent results. 


Perhaps, your vehicle has been involved in an accident that necessitates repainting. In that case, take it to a reputable auto body repair shop. This will ensure that the tainted paint job is fixed professionally. Surface scratches, rust, and other auto body damage can be fixed by repainting your vehicle. 

A good auto body shop has trained and experienced technicians that perform auto paint color matching, sanding, cleaning, and painting professionally. Corrosion-resistant primer and a sprayer are used to paint cars professionally. 

Window Replacement and Repair 

In some cases, the window of a vehicle is damaged beyond repair. In that case, a good auto body shop can replace it. But, if the window or glass can be repaired, the auto body shop will do the job. A good shop will recommend repair or replacement after analyzing the damage carefully. 

Frame straightening and testing can also be done at a reputable auto body repair shop. Essentially, a good auto body shop will fix any damage to your vehicle and restore its brand new appearance.

Traveling Solo Without Feeling Guilty


Many people want to travel solo but they feel guilty whenever they think about leaving their partners behind. So, how do you travel alone without feeling like you’re being selfish? Shedding this travel guilt and making you the priority is not easy. You need the right mindset to plan a solo trip guilty-free. Here are some of the thoughts to consider. 

Travel Alone to Make Your Partner Guilty-Free 

Maybe your spouse is not interested in traveling. If you think about it that way, you will be freeing them of the guilt of keeping you from traveling when you take off solo. Thus, you could be feeling guilty about the idea of wanting to travel alone when you could be doing them a favor. 

Travel Solo for the Sake of Your Happiness 

You deserve to be happy. And, your partner will be happy on realizing that you’re doing what makes you happy. A smile can be contagious. Therefore, travel solo to come back as a happy person and spread this happiness to them. 

Travel Solo for Rejuvenation Purposes 

You may be responsible for caring for your children, parents, and friends. In that case, traveling alone provides a chance to take some time off the duties. It’s an opportunity to make you a priority. This rejuvenates your body, mind, and soul, thereby enabling you to take care of the others better. 

Travel Solo Without Frustrating Others 

Traveling with a partner or a friend involves giving and taking. However, a trip with a partner or a group might not provide what you want. In that case, avoid dragging other people and go solo. 

Travel Solo can be a Gift 

Engaging in a selfish activity like solo travel can be a gift to another person. For instance, you may have been generous with your talents and time. In returning your generosity, the recipient may want you to take time to yourself and travel alone. 

Essentially, you don’t have a reason to feel guilty for traveling alone. If that’s what makes you happy, consider going on a solo trip. 

Incredible Things You Might Not Know About Windshield Replacement


Minor cracks on the windshield may not seem like a serious issue but, failing to fix them could cause problems on the road. Cracks not only compromise the integrity of the windshield but, also put you and other road users at risk. For safety, it is always advisable to replace the windshield as soon as it develops cracks. Nevertheless, here are some important things about windshield replacement that you should know. 

Windshield Cracks Develop Faster 

Although many people often ignore minor windshield divots, they usually spread much faster than expected. Due to the changing humidity and temperatures, small cracks can easily develop into a web, affecting the entire windshield in no time. That will not only risk the lives of people in the car but, also other road users. 

Windshield Replacement Usually Takes a Very Short Time 

Normally, you only need to make an appointment with a car repair professional to replace your windshield. It takes just about 30 minutes to an hour. Driving a car with a cracked windshield for a few miles to the auto shop for replacement will not likely cause much damage. However, you may also just have the car towed to the repair shop for convenience and safety. 

Listen Carefully to the Instructions Given by the Mechanic 

While windshield replacement is fast, the adhesives used to stick it to the frame usually take some time to dry. Some can take one hour to dry while others may last up to 24 hours. Thus, be sure to follow the instructions of the mechanic after windshield replacement. Besides, you should also drive cautiously to protect the integrity of your new windshield. 

Windshield replacements are among the most common claims that most insurers receive from car owners today. A professional auto body repair specialist will advise you on how to go about making the insurance claim for your car’s windshield replacement. 

Reasons to Consider Selling Your Car Instead of Fixing It Up


You have an old car that’s always breaking down. You have even sworn that you don’t want to spend another penny on its repair. But, purchasing a new car is an intimidating prospect. Here are some of the reasons to purchase a new car instead of fixing up your old one.

Future Breakdowns 

If tired of always fretting about vehicle breakdowns, purchasing a new car might be the right path to take. Old cars are unpredictable. Even if you fix a problem with your old car, you can’t be guaranteed that it won’t develop another one. If you purchase a new car, you get a warranty. That means you will drive your vehicle for at least 3 years before you start being worried about major repairs. You can even purchase a reliable, pre-owned car in good condition to restore your peace of mind. 

You’re Tired of Visiting the Repair Shop 

No vehicle owners enjoy constant trips to an auto repair shop. And, some things can’t be fixed with a single visit to a mechanic. Others require constant attention. Nevertheless, constant trips to an auto repair shop can cost you a lot of money. You also waste a lot of time that you could spend on more important things like having quality time with family. 

You Don’t Like the Look of Your Old Car 

Perhaps, you have paid for an auto paint job but you still don’t like the look of your car. You might even feel embarrassed by its look. In that case, purchasing a new car might be better than fixing the old one. 

You’re Worried about Your Safety 

Maybe you’re not sure whether your old car is safe to drive. New cars come with modern safety systems and equipment. They include features like backup cameras, automated emergency braking, and blind-spot monitoring systems. These are standard fare for modern vehicles. And if that’s what you want, consider buying a new car instead of fixing up your old one.

The decision to sell an old car and buy a new one is up to you. Nevertheless, these reasons should compel you to consider selling your old car instead of fixing it up. 

How to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle


So, you bought your dream car and you want to hold onto it as long as you can. In that case, you may want to know how you can extend your vehicle’s life. Well, to ensure that you won’t face that tough decision of whether to fix up your vehicle or trade it in, you can extend it in several ways. Here are tips that will help you avoid or prevent costly repairs while extending the life of your vehicle. 

Maintain Your Vehicle Properly

You can’t ignore the need for proper maintenance if you want to extend the life of your vehicle. Therefore, make sure that your new car is maintained properly and at the right intervals. This will enable you to avoid breakdowns and other problems. You should read the vehicle’s manufacturer guide to know how to maintain your automobile. 

If you have an old car, you need to pay keen attention to the items that break down more often. You should find a reliable, experienced mechanic that is less expensive and capable of fixing any damage to your vehicle. A local mechanic is cheaper than a dealership service. 

Get Professional Advice

If you experience an issue with your vehicle, don’t ignore it or rush to just any mechanic. Instead, seek professional advice. This is particularly important if you don’t know the exact problem or whether the issue will get worse. You can also ask people in the forums and message boards for the model and make of your vehicle. You might find a person that has experienced a similar issue with their vehicle before. Such individuals can help you have the problem fixed safely and professionally. 

Many auto body repair shops have professionals that will be glad to advise you on the best way to extend the life of your vehicle. Nevertheless, make sure that you’re seeking guidance from the right professionals.  

Getting Auto Repair Estimate after Collision


Being involved in an auto collision is scary. Many things go through your mind whether you were on the wrong or not. Essentially, you have to deal with injuries, insurance, and collision repair. Anybody that has been involved in an accident knows what it dealing with an insurance company entails. You have to get an estimate for auto repair first. You also have to make your auto repair appointment. Here tips to help you get an estimate for auto repair.

Request a Quality Estimate

It’s important that you take time to request a quality, thorough estimate. Don’t focus on getting a simple estimate. Your aim should be to get an estimate that covers all parts that need repair. Having a trustworthy mechanic in such a situation is generally helpful. But, if you don’t have a trustworthy mechanic, do your own research.

Request an Estimate from a Reputable Auto Repair Shop

Ensure that the auto body shop that you ask to give you an estimate has qualified technicians with vast experience in identifying, assessing and fixing auto damage. You need an estimate that will cover auto repairs done in a way that meets the highest quality standards. If your vehicle has a damaged part or equipment that needs replacement, it should be replaced with the right one.

Delays Occur

Your car should be inspected by your insurance company within a week following the accident. However, delays can occur. With the help of the auto body shop that you choose, negotiate with your insurance company. Additionally, do not enter a contract that may put you at a disadvantage. If the insurance company delays the process, get in touch with it. Find out what the insurance company is doing to speed up the process. Your goal should be to get the insurance company give you reimbursement the soonest possible so that your life can get back to normal after repairs.

Basically, getting auto repair estimate after collision should not be a challenge. Follow these tips and seek help from a reputable auto repair shop to ease the process.


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